Introducing Paulo Silva

Hi there, thank you for visiting my Blog!

I come from Brazil and now I live in Ballarat, Victoria. This blog was created as a requirement for my Graduate Diploma of Learning and Teaching, a course I am undertaking at Central Queensland University. I have a major in Geology, and just completed my Honours Project in Wetland Management, Hydrology and Paleoecology at Federation University Australia, where I also work as an Assistant Lecturer/Tutor.

This blog will record a new adventure and I hope we can learn something together.




2 thoughts on “Introducing Paulo Silva

  1. Wow! There are a lot of different subjects up there! are you going to do your doctorate after you finish education 😛
    I look forward to reading your blog


    • HI Monique, thank you for your comment!

      Yes, I can tell your that my Honours year was remarkable, painful and challenging…. I love research, I am currently a PhD candidate down here but I will have to stop the PhD for a year to concentrate on the GDLT. I am about to submit my first post, lets see if I am doing the right thing.

      Looking forward to see your posts as well!



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